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Can you name the reasons why WW1 broke out??

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Forced Order
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Germany became a unified country inyear
The Triple Alliance was formed inyear
The Triple Alliance was between3 countries
France and Russia made an agreement in year
Britain joined them later to make theagreement
Britain had been interm
until 1902 when it made a naval agreement withcountry
and later a 'friendly agreement' withcountry
The Kaiser wanted anterm
and also built up term
which caused tension, particularly withcountry
This was all part of the Kaiser's policy ofterm
and led Britain and Germany into aterm
There was competition to build the mostname
In 1905 rivalry was increased by a crisis incountry
caused by the Kaiser promising to support Moroccanterm
This crisis strengthened the relationship between 2 countries
and Germany felt description
by their enemies. The second Moroccan crisis began inyear
The Germans sent the gunboat thename
to force the French to give him some land in Morocco but he was forced to back down and acceptamount
square km of useless land. Meanwhile in 1908-9 incountry
was taken over bycountry
and Serbia looked tocountry
for support. They backed off when country
made it clear that they would declare war if their ally was attacked. Serbia was now looking fordescription
on Austria-Hungary. The opportunity came on day month year
when thename
assassinated Archdukename
of Austria-Hungary. Germany offered Austria-Hungary aterm
in support. Thencountry
mobilised. Germany put in place the name
in 6 weeks, then attacking Russia in the East. To get to France the Germans had to go throughcountry
which was aterm
country. This brought country
into the war as they had promised to defend Belgium in the Treaty of term

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