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Do you know the actors and actresses that play the neighbours' characters from 2014?

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Kyle CanningLocal handyman
Lou CarpenterGrandad
Kate Ramsay*RIP*
Mark BrennanMechanic and ex-cop
Lauren TurnerOwner of Harold's
Sheila CanningBartender
Georgia Canning (Brooks)Nurse and married to Kyle :)
Rain TaylorDaniel's ex-girlfriend. Jealous much!!
Matt TurnerLocal police man
Amber TurnerBudding photographer
Brad WillisLocal teacher
Nate KinskiPoor Nate :(
Nell RebecchiSo cute!!
Terese WillisLassiter's manager
Paige SmithNew member of the Turner's and Willis'
Paul Robinson Mayor and money man
Imogen WillisLaw hopeful
Naomi CanningDecieving
Callum RebecchiGone to USA!!
Susan KennedyHigh School principal
Bossy Run, Bossy, Run!!
Bailey TurnerTo space and back!!
Sonya RebecchiNursery owner
Toadie RebecchiOwns law firm
Josh WillisDoing community service
Chris PappasRecently brain damaged :( :(
Karl KennedyDoctor Karl

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