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Can you name the zelda enemies?

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Bats that come in ice, fire, and regular.
Statues that come to life when you get too close to them.
Weird monsters that like to hug you and steal your clothes.
These live in the water and shoot you with rocks.
Odd flying monsters with razor blades.
Massive rabbits that hate loud noises.
Bouncy spiders!
Really annoying fire/ice witches.
Pain in the ass monsters in armor.
Pure evil in armor.
Surprise spiders!
Red or blue creatures that attack in large numbers.
Attacking skeletons.
Ghosts that carry lanterns.
Mummies that have a slight tendency to ass rape.
They shoot you with a laser upon sight.
Giant floating skulls
Don't you just love these red blobs?
Pig-like monsters that carry spears or clubs.
Hands that come from the ceiling.
Hands that come from the walls.
Reflect the rocks back at them to buy their stuff.
Pots that attack.
Balls of electricity that follow the wall.
These come out of treasure chests and steal your rupees.
Electric jellyfish.
Lizards that breathe fire.
Venus fly trap monsters.
Giant lizards with a little bit of brain damage.
Ice sculptures that breathe ice.
Really annoying bird-creatures. Many can be found in Hyrule field.
Spiders that live on walls and vines.
Wolf-like mosters.

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