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A ____ is a group of closely related words used as a single part of speech but not containing a subject and predicate.
A type of noun that names any one of a class of objects is a ____.
A phrase that consists of a main verb and on or more helping verbs is a ____.
A verb that links the subject to a word is a ____.
How would you change 'potato' into a plural noun?
A ______ verb does not need an object to complete its meaning.
A ______ verb has a direct object.
What tense is 'will end' in?
A ___ pronoun is used in the subject of a sentence and after a linking verb.
A verb that that expresses action is a _____.
The base form of the verb, commonly used by 'to' is an _____.
The ___ of a verb tells the time of the action or being.
A word that expresses action, being, or state of being is a _____.
In which voice does the subject receive the action?
_____ tense tells about something that happened before
A noun that identifies or explains the noun or pronoun it follows is a ____.
What tense is 'review' in?
A present or past _____ that functions as an adjective is a verbal.
What do you use to set off an appositive or an appositive phrase that is not essential to the meaning of the sentence?
True or False: 'Occasionally they swam in the pool.' has an intransitive verb.
A ____ is a word used to join words or groups of words.
What tense is 'showed' in?
A noun that shows possession is a ______.
A verb form that functions as a noun or adjective is a ____.
What kind of verb is 'is'?
An ____ is a word that modifies a noun or pronoun.
In which voice does the subject act?
The sentence 'Kate was given a job babysitting by the McNeils' is in the ____ voice.
Is the prepositional phrase ' in Burma' an adjective or adverb phrase?
The sentence 'She chose the drums because her father played drums' is in the _____ voice.
True or False: 'Kristina exercised every day after work.' has an intransitive verb.
True or False: 'Kristina joined the health club in March' has a transitive verb?
A ____ is the present participle of a verb form ending is -ing that is used as a noun.
How would you change 'country' into a plural noun?
A type of noun that names a particular person, place,or thing is a ____.
The articles, a, an, and the are called ____ adjectives
Is the prepositional phrase ' to the ranch' and adjective or adverb?
An ____ is the word to which a pronoun refers.
An ___ pronoun is used in the subject of a sentence and after a linking verb.
A ____ phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun.
_____ tense tells us about something that will happen
What is the singular form of 'calves'?
A ____ adjective is an adjective formed from a proper noun.
_____ refers to the relation of a subject to its verb.
How would you change 'piano' into a plural noun?
_____ tense tells about what is happening now.
A word that names a person, place, thing or quality is a _____.
The noun or pronoun in the prepositional phrase is called the ___ of the ____
True or False: 'They worked out together.' has a transitive verb.
Another name for a helping verb is an ____.

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