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What is Harrys middle name?
Which family does Harry live with?
What is the name of the Snowy Owl that belongs to Harry?
What are the names of Harry's two best friends?
Who is Crookshanks?
What subject does Gilderoy Lockhart teach in Harrys second year?
What subject does Proffesor Sprout teach?
Professor McGonagall is the head of which house?
What is the name of the headmaster of Hogwarts?
Name the deathly hallow that Harry was given in First year?
What are the names of Hermione's and Ron's Children?
What is the name Sirius's Great Great Grandfather?
What is the name of the Hogwarts poltergeist?
Name the Hufflepuff ghost
Who has a Death Day party?
Which Horcrux is found in the room of requirement?
What is the real name of the Grey Lady?
Who wrote the all telling book about Dumbledore?
What is the first name of Tonks?
What is the middle name of Harry's and Ginny's youngest child?
What is the name of the women Dumbledore speaks to at the orphanage where Tom Riddle grows up?
What is the name of Lupin and Tonk's baby?
What does Molly Weasley see when she is removing the boggart from Grimmauld Place?
What is Draco's child called?
Whos body does Nagini possess?
Under what potion is Tom Riddle conceived?
Why does Meropes father Marvolo dislike her?
What are the last words Snape says to Harry?
What is the name of the squib that lives in Little Whinging?

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