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Can you name the the answers to these questions about 'The One With the Sonogram at the End'?

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What does Chandler compare kissing to?
Where does Ross decide to meet up with Marsha?
Who is still 'totally paranoid'?
What did Chandler write on his balled up piece of paper?
What is Ross sometimes referred to by his family?
Which neighbour are we introduced to in this episode?
Where is Rachel's engagement ring?
Who's daughter is going to call Monica?
What is that curry taste?
How much did Rachel's parents spend on her wedding to Barry?
What is Jack's nickname for Monica?
What is Carol's doctor called?
Who is Barry's patient that we see in the chair when Rachel walks in?
What is Carol's Grandmother called?
Who went with Barry to Aruba?
What does Ross' baby look like if you 'tilt your head to the left and relax your eyes'?

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