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Can you name the answers to these questions about 'The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate'?

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Which one of Phoebe's dates eats chalk?
Where is Chandler when he realises he is naked in his dream?
What is Ross' first line?
What does Chandler sometimes wish he was?
What does Joey suggest is the answer to Ross' misery?
Who suggests to Rachel that Monica may be at Central Perk?
Which recurring character asks Rachel if she would like some coffee?
What colour is Ross' umbrella?
What wedding present caused Rachel to rethink her plans to marry Barry?
Which line prompts Rachel's father to hang up on her?
What time does Paul the Wine Guy arrive?
Where was Rachel meant to be going on her honeymoon?
Why can't Phoebe help Ross buld his new furniture?
What does Joey hide in the plant pot at Ross' apartment?
What does Ross see that reminds him of Carol?
Where did 'Paul The Wine Guy's' wife go 'Four and five times a week'?
How many times does Barry hang up on Rachel?
How old is Ross in this episode?
How long were Ross and Carol married?
What did 'Paul The Wine Guy' do to his ex-wife as revenge?
What TV Show do we see Rachel crying at?
Who does Joey actually have a date with?
What does Joey ask Rachel to make before he tastes her coffee?
What does Monica call Chandler and Joey after noticing them in her apartment?
What is Joey and Chandler's door number?
What does it say on the back of Joey's shirt?
Where was the 'Wee Ones Production of Pinocchio' shown?
Where was Franny on holiday?
How many interviews laughed at Rachel?
What is the last line of the episode?

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