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QUIZ: Can you name the Legra FC Player 2009-2011?

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HintExtra Info
Ex Goalkeeper turned Outfield MaestroLoves a Slide Tackle
Skin Complection: RED!!English with a hint of scottish
Couldnt hit a barn door with a shotgun!!Lost ability since unfortunate injury
The ginger kid who's a son of Louise Often does two hours revision a night
Loves Tommy MellishTaken up a part-time job in a salmon mongers
Often skies his penalty'sFounder of
1 of 1000000000000 childrenHacked the PS3 network
JUDAS!!Never plays for MANOR!!
Recently been napalmedInformation Unknown
HintExtra Info
Captain Birdseye6'3ish
Chicken Wingersupports Jews
Michelle BastosOften diving like a salmon/Tera-Masu/Often interacting with his mothers mum
Average 15mph on a Go-KartOwn Goal specialist
Wouldnt Hurt AnyoneSmudge
'Good night out with the lads'(8) I want to ride my tricycle (8)
Hates his familyIndulges in KFC,McDonalds & Burger King
Successful evening at the Legra Awards CeremonyLefty
Robinhocommonly found depressed

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