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QuestionAnswerExtra Episode Info
Only girl in the group.
Above answers little brother.
The brains of the group, who is new to Ocean Shores in the pilot episode.
Nickname of the above answer.
Fourth member of the gang.
Above answers older brother.
Father of #1 and #2.
Name of the snack bar owned by the above.
Co-owner of the snack bar and best friend of Raymundo.
Name of the skatepark frequented by the gang.
Owner of the skatepark.
Real name of 'The Prince of the Netherworld'
The name of of the Rockets' neighbors, a couple who has opposing feelings about the gang.
The name of the only police officer in the show, whom Raymundo has a crush on?
Otto wears these almost all the time.
Which state was Sammy originally from?
Who is 'The Squid' before Sam comes along?Episode: 'New Squid on the Block'
What item does Twister often carry?
What is the name of Reggie's magazine?
What is unique about Twister's helmet?
What is the one activity that Twister is better at than Otto?
What is the name of Twister's little cousin, whom he loses at the amusement park?Appears in episode: 'Twister's Cuz'
Reggie's signature hair color.
Raymundo has an irrational fear of what?
Names of Reggie's two female friends.
Reggie always wears these, but uses them only once.Seen in episode: 'Here's the Twist'
QuestionAnswerExtra Episode Info
Tito's cousin and Raymundo's second wife.
Names of Lars' three cohorts.
Who performs the Rocket Power theme song?
Who is arguably the most athletic of the gang?
What character makes a cameo as Otto and Twisters' teacher?Episode: 'Mr. B is in the House'
Who is the least athletic of the gang?
In what year did the show end?
Tito is constantly referring to sayings from whom?
Raymundo is a well-known what?
Tito creates this strange BBQ hybrid.Appears in episode: 'Reggie's Big (Beach) Break'
What animal is depicted on Sammy's helmet?
Who signs a contract to snowboard for SnowMart?
What does Tito always call the kids?
What do Sam and Twister eat in this episode?Episode: 'Welcome to the Club'
In what year did Rocket Power first air?
How many seasons of the show were there?
How many Rocket Power specials were there?
Who wins the sand castle contest on the beach in this episode?Episode: 'Great Sandcastle Race'
What is Twister's real name?
Why doesn't Twister pass math?
True or False: Sam is in the same grade as Reggie.
What animal does Otto find in this episode?Episode: 'Rad Rover Come Over'
What does the gang call tourists who visit Ocean Shores?
What does the gang say when they do their secret handshake?
What does Reggie have on her shirt?
What type of flu does everyone in the gang but Sammy catch in this episode?Episode: 'Typhoid Sam'

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