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A: Jack has made fun of this popular technology company in many videos
B: Jack's name for his fandom
C:Jack's replacement for the word 'Google' in 'OK Google'
D: This music genre solves everything
E: The name of Jack's fiancee
F: Jack is known for having this large body part
G: Jack's satirical gaming series
H: The name of Jack's first video
I: The type of phone that Jack has made multiple fake ads for
J: Jack's full name
K: Jack's first dog
L: A fandom-wide joke started after the video 'WHAT TURNS YOU ON (YIAY #21)'
M: A fandom-wide joke started after the video 'he hung up on me'
N: This country's non-rectangular flag is repeatedly made fun of
O: Jack repeatedly makes fun of this Youtuber in YGS
P: Jack likes to fix these
Q: Complete the phrase: 'So ask me your ______ and I will ignore them...'
R: Well-known question that has appeared 4 times on YIAY (as of June 2017)
S: Jack's second dog
T: Jack also likes to fix these
U: Jack has frequently made fun of this rock band
V: What day is a lie?
W: Many of Jack's YIAY questions ask to answer with four ___
X: (not the first letter) Jack made fun of Tony Horton's fitness program ____
Y: The name of Jack's 'daily' series
Z: Jack made a video called '______: Breath of the Wild Review (gamergod88)'

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