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Can you name the Internet and the World Wide Web?

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A global Wide Area Network that connects thousands of smaller computer networksYou have been here before
A text only string of information that websites store on a computerYUM
Electronic files that verify a user's identity onlineCongrats
Used to transfer files between computers that are connected to the same networkClose encounter
A computer language used to make web pages that can be read by web browsersThe computer says 'hello'
A set of rules for transfering files over the World Wide WebDon't break these
A unique number that is given to any device that connects to the internet and allows it to communicate with other internet connected devicesNot Where You Live
Company that provides internet accessThey give us Facebook
A series of web formats used to publish frequently updated worksIt is easy
The specific adress given to a file connected over the internetWhere are you?
A large group of internet servers that allow you to view documents and files in HTMLBIG

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