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Barney refers to Ted's cramped apartment as what?
The name of the song that Ted and Marshall used to sing on the way to Chicago.
What song by Black Sabbath can Marshall sing?
How did Barney handle fights between him and Robin when they were dating?
What is Barney's catchphrase?
Where do Marshall and Barney work?
What movie did Stella's husband Tony make?
Robin went here for a brief time to be a co-anchor with a monkey.
What did Marshall say were his Father's last words to him?
What is the name of the 'video' that contained a message from Barney asking Ted to get him out of a relationship?
What is Barney's nickname that he dislikes?
During the three night party, Barney hooked up with a girl who said she knew who?
What is the name of the area where Marshall and Lily live?
Why does Robin hate Victoria?
What of Barney's does Marshall never get to be?
What bar does the gang usually meet at?
Who hated Ted for destroying the Arcadian?
What does this person's husband call himself?
What did Barney knock down as a kid in the Natural History Museum?
What did Ted call himself in response to meeting The Captain?
What was Victorias code name on the night that she and Ted met?
Where did Victoria move to for a baking school?
What is called when a man sleeps with 7 girls in 7 nights?
Who is Big Fudge?
What does Robin constantly say during interviews?
Who wrote Of Course Your Still Single Take A Look At Yourself You Dumb ****?
What does Barney always wear?
The law Barney lives by.
Where did Ted and Barney meet?
What do canadian women preffer over chocolate?
What six words does Robin want to hear from her father?
What holiday does Barney invent after a pregnancy scare?
Who is Barney's Brother?
Who didnt originally go to Robots vs. Wrestlers?
Who is Ted's Sister?
Who always has to pee?
What did Ted say Gazolas pizza was like?
Where did Lily go for an art fellowship?
Who did Barney think his father was?
Who is his actual father?
What is Lily's eating nickname?
What song do Marshall and Lily do a duet of?
At Barney's work, what do people say instead of good?
Where will Ted meet 'The Mother'?
What is Ted's hometown?
What is the symbol of the mother?
Where did Barney get all the stuff in his office?
How long were Marshall and Lily temporarily married?
Barney was told as a kid he had what?
Why is Barney Stinson so awesome?

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