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Forced Order
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The Democratic candidate in 48 election
true or false: the Tet Offensive really changed the American view of Vietnam
in April of 1961, the US began a poorly executed invasion of Cuba which becomes known as the what invasion?
field secretary of the NCAAP in Mississippi who was shot in 1963
in 1979 an accident at this Pennsylvania plant released a large amount of radioactive steam into the atmosphere
the Berlin Wall fell in what year
lawyer in the Brown v Board case
passed in 1947, this states that the US will give money to anyone willing to help the US stop Communism
Bush Sr's Vice Presidential candidate
disciple of MLK and son of migrant farm workers who led a series of non-violent protests
this 1954 agreement set to divide Vietnam temporarily and then reunify later
who appointed the first female member of the supreme court
true or false: Ike liked social security
banned gender discrimination in higher education
offered federal block grants to the states to spend as they saw fit
Senator from AZ who was LBJ's opponent in the 1964 election
first female member of the Supreme Court
established by JFK to send young Americans to aid in poor countries
This man was denied at Texas law school because he was black
Democratic candidate in the 1988 election
Police Commissioner in Birmingham who made a deal with KKK; nicknamed Bull
Strom Thurmond of South Carolina was nominated in 48 by this group of southern Dems that didnt like Truman
US was selling weapons to Iran and was turning the profits to support a rebel group in Nicaragua; this became known as the what affair
stationed at the US embassy at Moscow; read anything Stalin publicly says; institutes policy known as containment
The Republican candidate in '48 election
who wrote Feminine Mystique
How much of France's war bill in Vietnam was the US paying?
required that construction contractors on federal projects hire specific number of minority workers
True or false: americans liked the fact that Ike was a war hero
former Harvard scientist who led the mind-expansion movement and condoned the use of LSD
true or false: Ike did nothing to change minimum wage law
in an attempt to rebuild Europe following WWII, the US put $13 billion into this plan
What European country was originally fighting in Vietnam?
appointed by US as president of South Vietnam
the Republican candidate in the 1988 election

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