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Can you name the Humber LPPL player nicknames?

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Louis Tomlinson
Blue Lucas
James Lutkin
Michelle Burnham
James Illingworth
Mark Donachie
Pete Howard
Graham Wood
Rich Dolman
Alison Haywood
Mathew Harvey
Stuart Johnson
Nick Vidler
Paul Waudby
Kevin Kent
Andy Scammell
Mike Freer
Danny Robinson
Derek Watson
Alex Dyson
Stephen Blakeston
Mike Jones
Mark Wright
Ben Russell
Ian Cook
Sam Frati
David Hunter
Dirk Tomlinson
Kev Whiting
Dean Egan
Bob Brewer
Andy Coulthard
Richard Lyell
Brendan Dobson
James Adamson
Nathan Nuttall
Col Start
Derek Watson
John Scammell
Paul Morris
Jason Prince
Scott Greenhalgh
Chris Davison
Kristian Burke
Andy Moran
Glenn Barrett
Graham Buckley
Rob Stevenson
Gary Prince
Jamie Hudson
Andy Carroll
Kev Woods
Chris Watkins
Steve Frank
Ruth Bateson
Howard Williams
Jason Kemp
John Gilchrist
Dane Morgan
Lee Harrison

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