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True or false: HLA B27 is not a confirmatory diagnostic test for ankylosing spondylitis
A skin lesion unique to Reiter's syndrome (reactive arthritis) that looks like pustular psoriasis
True or false: antibiotics can NOT reserve reactive arthritis once joint pain has started
Disease associated with p-anca
Biphosphonates with prolonged contact with the esophagus can cause this
Osteoporosis drug that can cause hypercalcemia, and osteosarcoma in rats
Sterile skin pustules from minor trauma like a needle stick. Seen with Behcet's.
Most likely diagnosis with unresolving pneumonia despite antibiotic therapy
True or false: warfarin and steroids help prevent spontaneous abortion in APL
Antibodies that are extremely specific for CREST syndrome
When case describes leukocytoclastic vasculitis on the biopsy, answer this
Most dangerous Sjoegren syndrome complication
Organ that is spared in PAN
Gout drug that causes diarrhea and bone marrow suppression
Gout drug that is safe with renal injury
Best drug for blood pressure in gout
Joints that are most commonly affected in DJD
Most accurate test for DJD
True or false: fever is common in Gout presentation
Normal labs, DIP joints most commonly affected, stiffness limited for 15 minutes
Best initial therapy for acute, painful gouty arthritis
Treatment for acute gout attack in those who cannot tolerate NSAIDs or steroids
Best initial analgesic medication for DJD
Drugs which can cause gout
Treatment for an acute gout attack when there is no response to NSAIDs, or there is renal insufficiency
Treatment for DJD when symptoms are not controlled with acetaminophen. Second line due to toxicity and GI bleed

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