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True or false: steroids make herpes keratitis worse
True or false: atrophic macular degeneration has no proven effective therapy
Most likely diagnosis for bilateral red eye, water discharge, itchy eyes, and preauricularadenopathy.
True or false: the treatment for viral conjuctivitis is antivirals
The most accurate test for uveitis
True or false: eye patch is clearly beneficial for eye abrasions
Most likely diagnosis for unilateral red eye, purulent discharge, nonitchy eyes, without adenopathy.
Test that confirms the diagnosis of chronic glaucoma. Markedly elevated intraocular pressure is found.
Best initial therapy for uveitis
True or false: vision is normal in conjuctivitis
Ultimate therapy for chronic glaucoma when prostaglandin inhibitors, topical beta blockers, pilocarpine, topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, and alpha-2 agonists are inadequate
True or false: the treatment for bacterial conjuctivitis is topical antibiotics
Most likely diagnosis for red eye with photophobia found in autoimmune conditions.
Most likely diagnosis for red eye that feels like sand in the eye
True or false: there is no medical therapy for cataracts
Most accurate test for eye abrasion
Most likely diagnosis for sudden onset of extremely painful, hard, red eye. Walking into a dark room causes pain and the cornea appear steamy.
Ultimate therapy for angle closure glaucoma when IV acetazolamide, IV mannitol, beta blockers, and pilocarpine are inadequate
Infection of the cornea caused by herpes, leading to a swollen red painful eye
Surgery that can treat proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Retinal artery occlusion and retinal vein occusion have the same presentation: sudden monocular vision loss. What test must be done to distinguish them?
Drug class that can be injected into some patients to control neovascularization from diabetic retinopathy
True or false: there is no conclusive therapy for retinal artery or vein occlusion
True or false: The best management of nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy is to control glucose.
Most likely diagnosis with sudden onset, painless vision loss that is unilateral, with a history of eye trauma, myopia, or DM.
The only way to diagnose macular degeneration
Which type of vision is lost in macular degeneration: central, or peripheral?
The best initial therapy for neovascular macular degeneration

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