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QUIZ: Can you name the Harry Potter Character by Description?

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Black hair worn in a bun, square spectacles.
Small black eyes, long, shaggy mane of hair, and a wild, tangled beard.
Thin, tall, red hair going bald, wears horn rimmed glasses.
Big, beefy, hardly any neck, large moustache, small sharp eyes.
Long mane of grizzled, dark grey hair, scarred face, large chunk missing from nose. One eye is small, dark, and beady. One eye is as big as a coin, unblinking, and electric blue.
Light, bright blue eyes, extremely crooked nose, half-moon spectacles.
Stocky and broad, goodnatured face that is weather-beaten and freckly.
Greasy hair, crooked nose, sallow skin, cold black eyes, uneven yellow teeth.
So short they need a pile of books to see over their desk.

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