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Can you name the Famous works by their tired, unimpressed synopses?

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Hick town, like, a big trial with this dude who's left handed. Some stuff about racism, birds, etc
This huge city in Germany catches on fire, then the aliens come in like 'pow!' and this guy predicts his own death. Crazy.
Massive whale greater than tiny boat. Call me Israel, or something.
There's like a divine war, and Satan's like a hero and an awesome dude, but then he's not a good dude. And, basically, heaven wins, but it takes twelve freakin' books to do so
Orphan girl goes to boarding school, it sucks. Becomes a live-in tutor, that sucks less. Crazy woman in attic tries to kill her, which I guess is worse than the boarding school.
Brother and sister live together, weirdly, on/in the river. Anyway, bunch of romance and determinism and some hunchbacked guy. Then it floods and they die. Ta-daa
Napoleon invades Russia for reasons best known to himself. A ton of battles ensue, Russian aristocracy is stupid. Moscow also on fire.
The book of Genesis had it wrong, apparently. Some stuff about monkeys and how they 'best fit' into stuff, yada-yada.
Budding scientist drinks potion. Grows facial hair, growls a lot, does stupid/immoral stuff. This repeats itself. Friday night, anyone?
War over spicy stuff, big worms involved, pretty sure sand-people are in there somewhere.

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