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We'll all take turns not for the worst We're all 'hasbeens' and 'never-were's'
My pen is the barrel of the gun. Remind me which side you should be on
I've seen sinking ships go down with more grace than you
We're friends when you're on your knees Make them dance like we were shooting their feet
Signing off 'I'm alright in bed but I'm better with a pen'
Mama If we don't take the medication We won't sleep for days
In between being young and being right You were my Versailles at night
You're not the first or the last, but your possibly the prettiest.
So which is it: the boy who writes the songs or the boy who's in them?
Opium den mother, forget my head At the dead-end called unsteadiness
Too many war wounds and not enough wars Too few rounds in the ring and not enough settled scores
What if we run like the wind Feet are chasing moonlight
We are professional ashes of roses This kerosene's live You settled your score
Hell or glory I don't want anything in between
The tides out, the ship's run aground We drown traitors in shallow water
My words are my faith to hell with our good name.
I gave you pretentious. I gave you indifference, but you only wanted undressed and defenseless.
I'm still comparing your past to my future. It might be your wound but they're my sutures.

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