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The name of the cat from Alien and Aliens
The number plate from the delorean in Back to the Future
The name of the ships computer in 2001 of Space Odyessy
The device used in the first matrix film to defeat the robot sentinels
The name of the ice planet in Star War V The Empire Strikes Back
The halloween costume E.T wore in the film E.T
Tony Starks secretary in Iron Man
The secret branch of the government in Transformers located under the Hoover dam
The Fifth Elements name in the film 'The Fifth Element'
The registration number of the starship enterprise
The material that is bonded to Wolverines bones in the X-Men films
The name of the depressed robot in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Name of the robot in I Robot
In Men in Black what was on orions belt
The name of the first planet visited in the first Stargate film
Name of the element used to kill the aliens in Evolution
The demonic spirit in ghostbusters
The number of tones played at the end of close encounters
The robot's name in the day the earth stood still (rythms with 'sort')
The object used to carry the plant back to the spaceship in Wall-E and it's not EVE
The name of the robot bowler hat in Meet the Robinsons
The name of the book Bladerunner was based on
The name of the robot in Forbidden Planet
The name of the spaceship in the film Sunshine
The only American city Nuked by US forces in Independence Day
The building that Sam and his friends sheltered in, in the Day After Tomorrow
The name of the vicious tribe in The Time Machine
The name of the malfunctioning plane in Stealth
The name of the dog in I am Legend
The first precrime murderer captured in Minority Report

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