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'Hears a who' won the first one in 1934?
The Bear drained a snake on the 16th to win this year
Henry would have been proud of the 1957 winner
He has the most green jackets with 6
The 'z' is pronounced a 'th' in this double winner's name
Runner up to Tiger in 1997; coulda been his second major
these two legends won it alternately from 1951-1954
Only Nicklaus, Tiger, and this man have successfully defended their title
Nicklaus' playing partner in the famous 86 tournament, then finally won himself two years later
Probably felt a little 'woozy' after winning in 91
A 'gentle' touch helped him win in 84 and 95
One of the greatest hosted but never won it.
Who won in 1944?
'The Bear is back!' was the gallery chant this year
'Boom Boom' in 1992
Announcers must refer to the rough as this
He was banned as an announcer for saying the greens were 'bikini waxed.'
Masters home course
To lengthen the 15th a few years ago, they purchased some land from what other Augusta golf course?
Other than Phil, he is the only left-handed winner
Tiger holds the record for lowest 72-hole score which is how many under?
The highest winning score ever is...
'Savvy' play got him dos wins
They thought this player was done, but he suprised them in 1978
'Could he' do it in 1971? Sure!
Could his 'goal be' any better than a win in 1968?
He 'slammed' the door on the field in 49 and 54
The 1967 winner sounds like a homosexual beer-maker
Tiger has 4 green jackets tied with this guy
He didn't even break par but still won in 07

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