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Your takeaway should be 'low and ________'
With new club technology, it is no longer necessary to go to ____________ at the top of the backswing
To hit it low, play the ball _________ in your stance
Leading the downswing with your hands is called...
movie directors and fishermen do it 
A 'closed' stance aims to the __________ of the target
If your shoulder turn is complete, your back should point to the...
To get max distance, your leading arm should be fully _________ at impact
This is the steadiest part of your body during the swing.
Should your torso rotate or tilt? (mostly)
Generally, longer clubs are played further _______ in your stance
Ball above the feet will tend to go
Ball below the feet will tend to go
If the ball is above your feet, be sure to stand more
If the ball if below your feet, flex the _______ more
In an uphill or downhill lie, make sure your torso is __________ to the ground
Which tends to fly farther, a draw or a fade?
Which tends to fly higher, a draw or a fade?
The main advantage of a hybrid is that it is easier to get the ball..
Trevino used to joke, 'If you see lightning, hold your 1-iron high in the air because...
To hit a fade, the face would need to be _______ at impact
If you 'hood' the club, you close/open the face
When hitting a low punch, you want to check your...
The downswing should start from the...
Nicklaus: Around the greens, your worst putt is going to be as good as your best ________'
'To hit it high, you have to finish ________'
(T or F) Swing harder with longer clubs.
(yes or no) Most pros don't finish with the classic 'Reverse C' anymore
Which irons are more 'forgiving?' Blades or Cavity-backs?
What shaft flex is stiffest? X, S, or R?
The ideal putting stroke should imitate the action of a
In high altitudes, the ball flies farther or shorter?
In cold weather, the ball flies farther or shorter?
For ideal posture, you should bend how many degrees forward toward the ball?
Which is more important on long putts, distance or line?
Stockton: 'All putts are _________ _______'
Stockton: 'Speed determines _______ '

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