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play the course this way
play the ball this way
you cannot do this in a hazard
When you can't hit it and must take relief, you call it an..
max # of clubs in your bag
in very wet conditions you can sometimes do this
(T or F) the rules make no distinction between fairway and rough
an amateur cannot accept cash or merchandise valued at more than this much
penalty for OB
You cannot do this to your clubs during a round
A stray dog moves your ball. You may replace it b/c the dog is an......
In stroke play, hitting someone else's ball incurs what penalty?
In match play, you accidently play the wrong ball. The penalty is...
Can have a 15th club in your bag as long as you don't use it during the round?
In stroke play, the penalty for signing an incorrect scorecard in which your true score is HIGHER than the one on the card is....
(True or false) Men are barred from competing in the U.S. Women's open.
To compete in the U.S. Open, an amateur must have a verifiable USGA _____________.
The penalty for taking relief from an unplayable lie is...
Length of relief from a concrete cart path.
(true or false) You can ask your opponent for advice.
The maximum size of a driver head is how many cc's?
You can retain amateur status and accept prize money for a hole-in-one only if the hole-in-one was made 'while _______ ______.
A high school golf coach may retain amateur status as long as giving instruction is less than what percentage of his total time performing his job?
It is a two-stroke penalty if your ball strikes the flagstick if the stroke originated from
(yes or no) You can replace a club broken or bent during a round if the damage occurred while making a stroke
How many seconds can you wait before declaring a ball on the lip of the cup 'at rest?'
The maximum distance behind the tee markers you can tee your ball
While addressing the ball, you accidently knock it off the tee. Replace it without penalty or one stroke penalty?

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