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Can you name the Character and plot elements in Shakespeare's Hamlet ?

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Hamlet: 'Oh, that this__________solid flesh would melt...'
___________, thy name is woman
Killed Hamlet's Father
Hamlet's false friend other than Rosencrantz
to thine own self be
...clothes oft proclaim the....?
Gertrude dies because she....
It is 'the thing' that will catch the conscience of the king
Ophelia's brother
Laertes and Ophelia's father
An Elvis song based on a Hamlet line
...that is the question
Sweets to the...
To Claudius, Hamlet was '...a little more than kin and...
He says good night to the 'sweet prince' at the end.
How many people die in this play total? (not including Hamlet's father)
Who is a '...most pernicious woman?'
Hamlet: 'I could be bounded ______ __ ______ and count myself a king of infinite space'
'A man' is a piece of...
Ophelia might have saved her own life if she had gone to a...
What is 'the undiscovered country from whose born no traveler returns?'
Claudius pours 'the leprous distillment' into the king's...
The story takes place in,...
What figure of speech is 'as chaste as ice and as pure as snow'
She goes nuts and drowns herself
Who is 'the paragon of animals' and 'this quintessence of dust' ?
Where is the post-mortem Polonius? (according to Hamlet)
'Sweets to the ______________ '
'What a piece of _______ is a man.'
What '...coldly furnish[ed] forth the marriage tables'?
Where did Hamlet go to college?
Since he refers to it as an 'inky cloak,' Hamlet's clothes in Act I are probably what color?

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