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Hearsay is not admissible except as provided by these rules or by other rules prescribed by the Supreme Court pursuant to statutory authority or Act of Congress.
A witness may not testify as to a matter unless evidence is introduced sufficent to support a finding that the witness has personal knowledge of the matter. Evidence to prove perso
Evidence of the habit of a person or of the routine practice of an organization, whether corroborated or not and regardless of the presence of eyewitnesses, is relevant to prove th
If the witness is not testifying as an expert, the witness’ testimony in the form of opinions or inferences is limited to those opinions or inferences which are rationally based
Every person is competent to be a witness except otherwise provided in these rules. However, in civil actions and proceedings, with respect to an element or claim or defense as to
Hearsay Exceptions, Unavailability of the declarant immaterial
Admission by party-opponent.
Examining witness concerning prior statement. In examining a witness concerning a prior statement made by the witness, wither written or not, the statement need not be shown nor it
Methods of proving character. Reputation or opinion. In al cases in which evidence of character or a trait of character of a person is admissible, proof may be made by testimony as
The credibility of a witness may be attacked by any party, including the party calling the witness.
The expert may testify in terms of opinion or inference and give reasons therefor without first testifying to the underlying facts or data, unless the court requires otherwise. The
Character Evidence Exceptions
RuleRule Number
When, after an injury or harm allegedly caused an event, measures are taken, if taken previously, would have made the injury or harm less likely to occur, evidence of the subsequen
Hearsay Exceptions, Declarant Unavailable
If scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge will assist the trier of fact to understand the evidence in order to determine a fact in issue, a witness qualified as an e
Writing used to Refresh Memory. Except as otherwise provided in criminal proceedings, if a witness uses writing to refresh memory for the purpose of testifying either while testify
Except as otherwise required by the Constitution or provided by an act of Congress or in rules proscribed by the Supreme Court, the privilege of a witness, person, government, Stat
Compromise and Offers in Compromise, Prohibited Uses. Evidence of the following is not admissible on behalf of any party, when offered to prove liability for, invalidity of, or amo
Exclusion of Relevant Evidence on Grounds of Prejudice, Confusion, or Waste of Time. Although relevant, evidence may be excluded if its probative value is substantially outweighed
Evidence of Character and Conduct of Witness: Opinion and reputation evidence of character. The credibility of a witness may be attacked or supported by evidence in the form of opi
Except as provided below, testimony in the form of an opinion or inference otherwise admissible is not objectionable because it embraces an ultimate issue to be decided by the trie
General Rule: For the purpose of attacking the character for truthfulness of a witness evidence that a witness other than an accused has been convicted of a crime shall be admitted
All relevant evidence is admissible, except as otherwise provided by the Constitution of the U.S., by Act of Congress, by these rule, or by other rules prescribed by the Supreme Co

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