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Can you name the movie titles from their first and last three letters?

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ClueMovie Title
Ame uty (2)
Bac ure (4)
Bea ast (4)
Bla ner (2)
Bla les (2)
Bri ein (3)
Cro gon (4)
Dan ons (2)
Dea ing (3)
Ete ind (6)
Fig lub (2)
Gon ind (4)
Hot nda (2)
Jai ock (2)
Law bia (3)
ClueMovie Title
Mar ins (2)
Mou uge (2)
Nig ead (5)
Pul ion (2)
Rag ull (2)
Rai ona (2)
Sat ver (3)
Sch ist (2)
Sen ity (3)
Slu ire (2)
Sno rfs (6)
Sun ard (2)
Ter ent (3)
Whe lly (4)
Yel ine (2)

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