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Plot DescriptionMovie
The tale of a failed romance between a disgruntled greeting card writer and a free-spirited girl with a seasonal name.
'Archive footage' creates terror in this 'real account' of alien abduction.
The boys are at war, now the girls must play ball.
When a bumbling car salesman finds himself in over his head in debt, he draws up a plan to kidnap his wife and have his wealthy father-in-law pay her ransom. These things never qui
History is re-written. **** you Hitler.
The world is under attack and it's up to an elite team of American heroes to save the world. Oh yeah. They're puppets.
Three pot smoking friends decide to sell weed as a means to raise money so they can bail their friend out of jail.
A college kid has a one-night stand on an elevator during a blackout and becomes determined to find out the identity of his lover.
Plot DescriptionMovie
A veteran theif stumbles upon a murder involving the president of the United States while in the middle of stealing rare diamonds.
A factory owner having marital problems becomes attracted to a temp worker who happens to be a con artist, and then hires a gigalow to seduce his wife.
The leader of Halloween Town becomes bored with the same old holiday every year. Now he wants Christmas.
Saturday detention becomes the setting of a coming of age tale about five different high school stereotypes learning from each other.
The good guy and the bad guy switch places, literally, after some intense plastic surgery.
Powerful story centered around racism and how one man's life is changed during his stay in prison.
Two Neil Diamond lovers can't bare to see their best friend in love with a possessive and psychotic hottie, so they kidnap her.

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