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Director/Actor (Year)Movie
Tim Burton/Johnny Depp (1990)
Martin Scorcese/Leonardo DiCaprio (2006)
Gus Van Sant/Vince Vaughn (1998)
Quentin Tarantino/Brad Pitt (2009)
Robert Rodriguez/Antonio Banderas (1995)
Spike Lee/Denzel Washington (1992)
John Hughes/Judd Nelson (1985)
Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe (2000)
Joel Coen/William H. Macy (1996)
Robert Zemeckis/Tom Hanks (1994)
Sam Mendes/Kevin Spacey (1999)
Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale (2008)
Oliver Stone/Woody Harrelson (1994)
Kevin Smith/Brian O'Halloran (1994)
Mike Judge/Ron Livingston (1999)
Stanley Kubrik/Jack Nicholson (1980)
Robert Altman/Tim Robbins (1992)
Frank Darabont/Morgan Freeman (1994)
Terry Gilliam/Johnny Depp (1998)
Darren Aronofsky/Jared Leto (2000)
Director/Actor (Year)Movie
Frank Capra/Clark Gable (1934)
Francis Ford Coppola/Marlon Brando (1972)
Orson Welles/Orson Welles (1941)
Michael Bay/Nicolas Cage (1996)
Harold Ramis/Bill Murray (1993)
Clint Eastwood/Hillary Swank (2004)
Steven Spielberg/Robert Shaw (1975)
George Lucas/Richard Dreyfuss (1973)
Ted Demme/Johnny Depp (2001)
Joel Schumacher/Jim Carrey (2007)
The Farrely Brothers/Ben Stiller (1998)
Alfred Hitchcock/Rod Taylor (1963)
M. Night Shymalan/Bruce Willis (1999)
Judd Apatow/Steve Carrell (2005)
Mel Brooks/Cary Elwes (1993)
Penny Marshall/Tom Hanks (1992)
David Zucker/Leslie Nielsen (1980)
Brian De Palma/Al Pacino (1983)
Wes Craven/Neve Campbell (1996)
James Cameron/Leonardo DiCaprio (1997)

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