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Can you name the bands for every letter of the alphabet?

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Character in The Neverending Story who had to go on a Great Quest
This early metal band has had 22 different members
A pastry that is popular at birthday parties
You can open these...or Break On Through
Some are bald, and these guys are so old they probably are too
Radioactive Man's sidekick
A Bond villain who met his demise while on a jet leaving from Fort Knox
A major organ of the circulatory system
The International Police Organization
A trip or voyage
Because 'The Assassins' didn't sound as catchy
If you play their album backwords it might tell you the answer
This band abused many things, including umlauts
What Buddhists try to achieve
An isolated area of vegetation in a desert
Look for the answer in a Message In A Bottle
A king's wife
One of the stages of sleep
A surfing term that means to take a new stance facing in the opposite direction
Do you know what the word is? Because it's quite apparent that these guys do
After leaving Kid Rock, this artist attempted to cover the entire musical spectrum in his short career
They go through lead singers like they were Kleenex
Slang term for a person with asthma
British new wave band, their sound puts listeners in a state of euphoria
This is given as a penalty in soccer
If dead rock 'n' roll legends rose from the grave and started a band, this would be a fitting title

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