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Can you name the United States Major Supreme Court Cases?

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Case Summary Court CaseCase Decision
A slave sued his master for freedom after he had moved to a free state. His master convinced him to go to court because he wanted to use this case as a way of promoting abolition.
President Jefferson refused to acknowledge the appointments made by his predecessor John Adams. A man went to court because he believed he had the right to be Justice of the Peace.
The state of Maryland brought a cashier in the Maryland branch of the Bank of the United States, to court for not paying a tax the state had imposed on the United States Bank.
Two men who owned steamboat companies disputed over who had control of the Hudson River. One had rights from the NY State Government while the other had rights from US Congress.
Two brothers sold lottery tickets from Washington D.C in Virginia, which violated Virginia State law. The State of Virginia took the brothers to court.
An African American man was arrested for sitting in the “White” car of the train because in Louisiana, African Americans were required to ride in different cars.
A girl went to court because she was forced to go to an all-black elementary school far away form her house, even though there was an all-white school closer to her house.
President Abraham Lincoln declared that civilians had to be tried in military courts, even in places where there were still functional civil courts.
The editor of the New York Weekly Journal was brought to court on charges of printing false and seditious statements about local officials.
Ernesto Miranda was arrested and taken in for interrogation without being read his rights. After a while, the policemen had succeeded in getting a written confession signed by him.

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