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Can you name the Tori Amos songs these lyrics are from?

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'Dreams with the flying pigs'
'But I feel this cake just isn't done'
'I never left you for a banjo'
'I'm okay when everything is not okay'
'My sweet bean bag in the street'
'Still engaged in some kind of advanced shackling'
'A lilac mess in your prom dress'
'Driving on the vine over clothes lines'
'Hard to hide a hundred girls in your hair'
'A wife on loan in a cafe'
'So it ends so it begins'
'My heart is like the ocean'
'Seven little men get up to dance'
'Snow-on-the-mountain, pink powder puff'
'Grains of sand are my domain'
'Can you launch rockets from here?'
'We'll weave them through every rockets red glare'
'The woman clothed with the sun'
'Jangle and circle again'
'I met a drag king called Venus'

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