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Series is based on...
Pony who wishes to join a pegasus group
Shy pony with a love for animals
Pony who loves to party
Pony who wishes to meet her prince
Trustworthy pony with an accent
'Dear Princess...'
Princess who was evil
'It needs to be...'
'You're going to...!!'
Dressmaking song
She will put you in trances!
'But the one thing it was missing was...'
'All we really like is...'
'And even though I love my boots...'
'The ... Master'
'Over a ...'
Names given to two of the wonderbolts
'Becoming as ... as ... can be'
Rarity's little sister
Applejack's little sister
Rainbow Dash's biggest fan
RD read loves reading about this pony
'Cross my heart and hope to die...'
'Of all the things that could happen...'
'The... .... ... Trixie'
Last episode of first series
Fluttershy's pet
Rainbow's pet
Twilights pet
Rarity's pet
Pinkie's pet
Applejack's pet
Famous background pony because of an accident with her eyes

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