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Facts and HintsPeople
Invented the Cotton Gin.
Led British forces at the battle of Yorktown (1781).
The most widely known delagate present at the Constitutional Convention (1787) representing Pennsylvania.
Led the charge up San Juan hill.
Broke the 'color barrier' in baseball.
The 'fireside chat' president.
'I have a dream...'
Commander of the 7th Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn.
'And thats the way it is.'
First U.S. President to resign from office.
The King.
The King...of pop.
Writer of Star Wars.
Actor turned politician.
The president who was assassinated with the most show.
Facts and HintsPeople
Youngest president ever to serve in office.
Established the principle of Judicial Review.
Maker of the Model T.
Author of, 'A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court'.
President of the short lived Confederate States of the Civil War.
Inventor of the Telephone.
The owner of Standard Oil, the richest man in history.
He didn't create the English language, but his dictionary defined it.
The two explorers who followed a series of rivers and a Native American guide across the country.
Thought to be founder of the Mormon religion.
First black Supreme Court justice.
Starred in Hello Dolly, talented black jazz musician of the 1900's.
The only man to start a multi-billion dollar company in his garage.
Author of Harry Potter.
Ambulence driver during WWI, mind behind Steamboat Willie.

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