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These animals eat only plants
This enzyme in saliva breaks down starch
These alternating waves of contraction and relaxation move food through the digestive tract
This cartilage flap covers the trachea during swallowing
This protein-digesting enzyme is found in the stomach
These cells secrete HCl into the stomach
This protein-digesting enzyme is found in the small intestine
This substance, produced in the liver, helps emulsify fats
This enzyme is released to help lower blood glucose
This enzyme helps break down glycogen to raise blood glucose
These vessels carry blood away from the heart
These vessels carry blood to the heart
This chamber of the heart is the most muscular
These structures prevent backflow of blood in the heart
Blood pressure during ventricular contraction
Blood pressure during ventricular relaxation
This sheet of muscle contracts downwards during inhalation
This blood protein binds oxygen
This type of immunity is active immediately upon infection
Neutrophils, macrophages, and dendritic cells are examples of?
These cells release histamine during inflammation
T cells form inside this organ
The site of formation of B cells
Effector B cells are also known as
Effector B cells secrete these proteins
These long-lived immune cells are activated during secondary exposure
These cells help to activate other lymphocytes in immune responses
These are the effector cells of cell-mediated immunity
B cells are responsible for this type of immune response
This type of immunity is conferred during breastfeeding
Immunization triggers this type of immunity
Diseases such as lupus, caused by an overreactive immune system
Marine fish that match the salinity of their environment
Freshwater fish that do not match the salinity of their environment
This type of transport involves two oppositely-flowing fluids
This is the form of nitrogenous waste found in most mammals, including humans
The functional unit of the kidney
This hormone causes water resorption from the kidney
The female gonad
The male gonad
These tubes connect the ovaries to the uterus
The inner lining of the uterus that is shed during menstruation
The tube through which sperm travel from the testes to the urethra
Oogenesis forms one egg and two of these
At the end of spermatogenesis, this many sperm are formed
A surge in this hormone triggers ovulation
After ovulation, the follicle becomes
This organ contains both maternal and fetal blood vessels
This reaction occurs when enzymes from the tip of the sperm dissolve the egg coating
Programmed cell death
The brain and the spinal cord make up the
These transmit information from the external world to the brain
These transmit signals to muscle cells and cause contraction
Chemical messengers that diffuse across the synapse
Supporting cells of neurons
During the rising phase of an action potential, these channels open
During the falling phase of an action potential, these channels open
These ions are required for the release of neurotransmitter vesicles
The increase in magnitude of the membrane potential
The decrease in magnitude of the membrane potential
Gaps in the myelin sheath
'Jumping' method of action potential travel
Two EPSPs occur in rapid succession and cause
Two EPSPs occur at the same time on different synapses cause
This neurotransmitter is especially important in muscle contraction
These photoreceptors allow us to see color
These photoreceptors are more sensitive to light and allow us to see at night
On the retina, this center of the visual field contains only cones
Thin muscle filaments are made of this protein
Thick muscle filaments are made of this protein
The functional unit of muscle
This type of muscle is involuntary, and lacks striations
This type of muscle is voluntary and striated

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