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The binding of substrate to one active site increase the affinity of other active sites for substrate
These molecules impede enzyme activity by binding to allosteric sites
These molecules mimic substrate and block the active site
The region of an enzyme where the substrate binds
The molecule that an enzyme binds and acts upon
Molecules that selectively speed up chemical reactions without being consumed are known as
Enzymes are this type of macromolecule
These amphipathic molecules comprise the cell membrane
The initial investment of energy required to start a reaction
These metabolic pathways require energy input
These metabolic pathways release energy
These metabolic pathways break substances down
These metabolic pathways build substances up
This quantity is a measure of disorder, or randomness
Energy associated with the relative motion of objects
Energy associated with position or location
These substances cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical reactions
These substances contain 2+ elements in a fixed ratio. Ex: NaCl
Positively-charged subatomic particles
Negatively-charged subatomic particles
Subatomic particles that have mass but no charged
The center of an atom, that contains protons and neutrons
The number of protons in an element
The number of protons plus neutrons in an element
Elements containing the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons
Electrons in the outermost shell of an atom
These bonds are formed by the sharing of valence electrons
These bonds are formed by electron donation, that creates opposite charges
These molecules contain an uneven distribution of charge
The relative attraction of an atom for electrons in a covalent bond
A positively charged ion
A negatively charged ion
This type of bond causes an attraction between water molecules
This property is the attraction of water molecules to each other
This property of water is the attraction of water to other substances
A measure of how difficult it is to stretch or break the surface of a liquid
The dissolving agent in a solution
Substances that have affinity for water are referred to as
Substances that seem to repel water are referred to as
Substances with a pH of 1-6.9
Substances with a pH of exactly 7
Substances with a pH greater than 7
Substances that minimize the pH change of solutions
The study of this element is central to organic chemistry
Substances that have the same chemical formula, but different spatial arrangement
These molecules differ only in the covalent, geometric arrangement of their atoms
These molecules have the same formula, but differ in spatial arrangement around a double bond
These isomers are mirror images of each other
The -OH functional group is known as
Ketones and aldehydes are examples of this functional group
This type of molecule always contains a carboxyl group and an amino gropu
This compound is the main source of cellular energy
The monomer of a carbohydrate is known as a
The monomer of a nucleic acid is known as
Polymers are disassembled to monomers by this reaction
Monomers are combined to polymers by this reaction
The structural polysaccharide of plants
The storage polysaccharide of plants
The storage polysaccharide found in humans
This structural polysaccharide makes up the exoskeleton of insects
These macromolecules are hydrophobic and a source of long-term energy
This level of protein structure is made up of the linear sequence of amino acids
This level of protein structure is made up of alpha helices and beta pleated sheets
This level of protein structure is stabilized by interactions between side chains
The sugar of DNA
This nitrogenous base is found in RNA but not DNA
This nitrogenous base is found in DNA but not RNA
How many valence electrons does oxygen have?

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