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Can you name the Fat soluable vitamins?

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this inhibits PTH and Vit D wen blood calcium levels are too high
this vitamin contains Retinol
a deficiency in this vitamin leads to Rickets
Vitamin K activates proteins that participate in this
Vitamin A deficiency leads to this
this absorbs light and the retinal changes from cis to trans which triggers a nerve impulst tht carris visual info to the brain
a carotenoid of orange pigment found that is a Vitamin A precuror found in plants
this activates vitamin D when bllod calcium levels are low
Retinol, Retinal, and Retinoic acid are collectively known as
fat-soulabe vitamins travel through the lymphatic systems within these before entering the blood stream
this vitamin remodels smaller bones into larger bones
Vitamin D is made from what in the body?
Too much of this vitamin will lead to abnormal cell death in the spinal cord during fetal development
skin, liver and kidneys are involved in the production of this vitamin
what is the major rold of vitimin E in the body?
the breaking open of RBCs due to a vitamin E deficiency is called
Supports normal fetal develotment during pregnancy
what type of deficiency of vitmain K is caused by fat absorption disruption, antibiotics ill the guy bateria, and anticoagulant drugs interfere with vitamin K metabolism and activi
our body synthesizes vitamin K from our own________.
participates in sperm development

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