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Traduisez les phrases suivantes en utilisant des verbes réfléchis

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I am washing my hands. (se laver les mains)
The restaurant is located in Toronto. (se trouver à Toronto)
My father went to bed late last night. (se coucher tard hier soir)
Sue washed herself. (se laver)
I'm sorry, I am mistaken! (s'excuser, se tromper)
Hurry up Bradley! (se dépêcher)
My sister did not put on makeup this morning. (se maquiller)
No, her name is Megan. (s'appeler)
I never brush my hair! (se brosser les cheveux)
Do you (singular, informal) remember his name? (se souvenir de son nom)
Yesterday, I got angry. (se mettre en colère)
This morning, I got dressed quickly. (s'habiller rapidement)
They didn't realize the time! (se rendre compte de l'heure)
Can you (singular, informal) take care of this problem? (s'occuper de ce problème)
Dad, don't argue with mom! (se disputer avec)
We have to rest. (se reposer)
Don't worry Anthony! (s'inquiéter)
Are you getting bored? (s'ennuyer)
They didn't shave this morning. (se raser ce matin)
The farmer gets up early. (se lever tôt)

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