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Can you name the Types of potatoes and grains?

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Dish: cooking method used to make this traditional fast food staple is deep-frying
Potato: typically used for mashed potatoes due to its irregular shape
Potato: Produces a golden color and buttery flavor
Define: The fatty tip of a grain kernel
Dish: pan-fried pancake made of shredded potatoes; associated with the Jewish holiday
Name the categories of Legumes
Potato: refered to as the Idaho potato although other states produce it too
Name the categories of Grains
Name the parts of a grain
Define: Outside layer of a grain kernel
Define: The starchy interior part of the grain kernel
Potato: very popular in breads, pies, puddings, soups, and casseroles
Define: Fibrous layer of the grain kernel that surrounds the starchy center.
Potato: Not related to the sweet potato; originated in Asia
Potato: Small immature red potatoes

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