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Can you name the Pokemon that Ash have caught on his journey?

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Row 1
Ash's first Pokemon 
Caught in Viridian Forest and released later on 
Currently in a fire squad 
Ash's first Fire Pokemon and currently training with Liza 
Caught in the Hidden Village  
Ash's first Pokemon in Unova 
Abandoned by Paul 
Followed Ash from Professor Juniper's lab 
Was abandoned by its Trainer after losing to a Shikijika, a Normal/Grass type 
Row 2
Used Attract on Ash's Pokemon when he tried to catch it  
Keeps hugging Pro. Oak and numerous people 
Ash's first and only Water Pokemon to evolve 
Ash owns thirty of these Pokemon  
Likes drinking sap from Bulbasaur's bulb 
Eats and sleeps a lot 
Caught in Johto and gets easily jealous by Ash's close friendship of Pikachu 
Had a hard time mastering Ice Beam 
Row 3
Its Draco Meteor use to hit Dawn's Piplup numerous times 
Ash's first Ground type 
Ash's first Shiny Pokemon 
Learned Eruption in Sinnoh 
Ash and Misty argued for ownership for this Water type 
Evolved in a PokeRinger contest in Hoenn 
Once after having its heart broken it couldn't use any of it's moves 
Row 4
Once got sick after it ate some seaweed and buoys and Ash had to carry it to a Pokemon Center 
Has a habit of crying and releasing smoke from its nostrils and back when it is happy 
Orginally owned by Dawn then traded to Ash because he liked battling 
Followed Ash in Hoenn then traded to Dawn because she liked contests 
Caught by Ash with the help of Aipom  
Use to bite Ash's head until it evolved 
Row 5
After it won a tournament it went into training and hasn't been seen since in the rest of the series 
Ash, Misty and Tracey use to ride on its back in the Orange Islands 
Hatched from an egg and returned to its mother in Johto 
Ash's first Normal/Flying type 
Has a habit of sticking out its tongue and winking 
Ash traded Butterfree away for this Pokemon but eventually traded this Pokemon back 
Was given to Casey 
Temporary joined Ash and later stayed with Sabrina 

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