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Kids pulls chair
Buick dealer, camera
religious nut gets door in face
short changing at the donut place
D uses pictures in child boinking case
ad shows preacher boinking mom in loo
P's employer takes laptop with personal stuff
prize fighting match
vaccination on ship
riot, guy shoots cop
spring gun in unoccupied house
docks boat at island in storm
docks boat at wharf in storm
blows up house to save town
dogfighting stick in eye
kid with wire unbelievably dumb
bargee goes drinking for 20 some odd hours
wheelchair seat breaks on bus
kid breaks into gunlocker, shoots a friend
guy drives past house, creamed by train
guy gets out to check, get **** by train anyway
luggage falls from overhead bin
guy falls through shower glass
tugboat sinks, no radio
buggy without lights
junk collectors walking on wrong side of road
slip and fall in store
slip and fall at museum
barrel falls out of flower shop
tire flies off trailer
appendectomy, neck gets hurt
taint cutting
e-coli during surgery
old lady breaks hip
take a dive, get paralyzed
two guys holler at biddies, one dies
four letters of rec for kid boinker
phsyciatrist fails to warn
scoliosis at school
power goes out, guy eats his ****
white powdery stuff
water not running, house burns down
kid gets drunk at wedding, drives, slays
granny buys car for druggie kid
GTA radio host mission
bible study slip and fall
hospital santa slip and fall
sam's club jewelry theft
kid boinker walks straight into school
mom sucks ass, kid drowns
lye in the face
medical examiner mistake
Tappan Zee bridge accidents
signs and gravel road
near miss while husband taking piss
asbestos inhalation for avid smoker
bloody leg in personal effects bag
kid gets trapped in elevator
jamaican kid kidnapping
stock advisor mishap
facade of building collapses
tubal ligation fails, she gets kid
typhoid in the water
gets PPH from danocrine, no lung
sorry, turns out you DO have cancer
shotgun pellets in face in the lip
DES in drug mfctrd by all kinds of Ds
dumping **** in the river
heart attack 6 days after accident
eggshell ship
furnace oil in the harbor
furnace oil in the harbor 2
rape bushes
long island railroad fireworks and scale
artery in all kinds of wrong place
snowtubing waiver
ride the flopper, break knee
the light's broken, let me just take these stairs
cop chases kid through woods
heart catheter fails but is FDA ok
on lunch break, hits motorcycle
incorrect diagnosis by independent Dr.
resevoir breaks and floods mine
resevoir breaks and floods mine 2
tree blasting beans lady on head
railway car not properly sealed
buick wheel spokes collapse
coke bottle explodes
wheel well collapses
motorcycle missing leg gaurds
vaporizer burns the **** out of baby
dumbest guy in the world cuts self
Dr. fails to warn about side effects
Fake tits rupture and ruin real tits
Bed bugs everywhere

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