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How many permanent teeth does a typical adult have?
What is the name of the calcified plaque which forms on your teeth?
Name the correct dental term for a root canal treatment
Name the bone in which tooth sockets sit
Dentine is created by which type of cells?
What is the term given when a child's tooth falls out?
Another name for decay?
This substance strengthens teeth
Fizzy drinks, fruit juices or acids in the diet can cause this?
A bridge with wings?
What are implants made from?
The surface of your teeth closest to your cheeks is called?
A microorganism which is found in plaque throughout the oral cavity
Approx. How many species of bacteria reside in the mouth?
Advanced gum disease is also known as?
And it used to be known as?
A dentist was the first person to publicly demonstrate what?
Name the primary mineral found in tooth enamel
Dental floss was invented in which year?
Another name for your gums?

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