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A metallic filling material which contains mercury
Used to replace one or more missing teeth. Also found worldwide, an impressive example is in San Francisco!
Another term for a hole in your tooth.
The professional person who finds the holes in your teeth.
The hardest substance in your body.
This should be used daily during your oral care regime.
A plastic based material used to fill the root canal and what golf balls historically we're made from.
Another term for bad breath.
A metal rod inserted into the bone which then supports a fake tooth
You have two of these, fused together in the middle.
The surface of the lower teeth closest to your tongue
The teeth used for chewing and grinding
This is how you feel after receiving a local anaesthetic.
The term used to describe how your teeth meet together
A bacterial biofilm found in your mouth
One quarter of your mouth is called a?
This appliance holds your teeth in position following orthodontic treatment.
Too much of this causes holes in your teeth!
A song by David Guetta. Also a very strong metal used to make the 'I' answer.
When your lower jaw protrudes more than your upper jaw
A false finger nail usually made from porcelain or composite, cemented to the front of your tooth to improve appearance.
These teeth do not make you clever
A photograph of the inside of your teeth
This fungus causes conditions such as oral thrush
Another word for your cheek bone. The masseter muscle connects to it thus enabling you to chew.

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