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Can you name the 50 Terminator 2 tidbits below?

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What is the young boy's name?
What actor plays the young boy?
What is the young boy's mother's name?
What actor plays the young boy's mother?
What type of Terminator is sent to protect the young boy?
What actor plays the 'good' Terminator?
What type of Terminator is sent to kill the young boy?
Who plays the 'bad' Terminator?
Where are the Terminator's from?
Who is the young boy's father?
What actor plays the young boy's father (in the T2 Extended Edition)?
Where is the first place the 'good' Terminator goes upon arrival in the present time?
What does the 'good' Terminator take from the biker playing pool?
What does the 'good' Terminator take from the biker on the steps of the bar?
Who does the 'bad' Terminator get his outfit from?
What is the name of the mall that the young boy visits?
Where does the good Terminator first 'hide' his shotgun?
What model shotgun does the 'good' Terminator use throughout the film?
From what cross-streets does the 'bad' Terminator jump the semi-truck into the waterway?
What are the young boy's foster parents' names?
Who is the mainmost director respsonsible for the development of Skynet?
For what company does he work?
What hospital is the young boy's mother confinded to?
Who is the young boy's mothers' physician at the psychiatric hospital?
What actor played the physician?
What hospital orderly tried to 'wake up' the mother by licking her face?
What is the young boy's dogs name?
What breed of dog is it?
This particulare breed of dog is skilled at sniffing out what?
What is the front desk guard's name at Cyberdyne?
What do Dyson, the boy, his mother, and the 'good' Terminator go to Cyberdyne to get?
How many police surround the Cyberdyne building?
What gun does the 'good' Terminator fire at the police from the second floor of Cyberdyne?
How many people does he kill when he shoots that gun at the police?
Who does the young boy introduce the 'good' Terminator as when talking to Enrique?
What does the boy's mother carve into the picnic table before leaving Enrique's desert ranch?
Where does the climax of the film take place?
What cast member was the director of T2 married to in real life?
What is written on the tshirt the young boy wears throughout the movie?
How many bones does the young boy's mother say are in the human body?
How many bones are actually in the human body?
What is the name of the hospital guard that gets a full house on his cup of coffee?
What is Dyson's wife's name?
What actress plays Dyson's wife?
What date was Judgement Day supposed to take place?
On what date does the 'good' Terminator say the Skynet system goes online?
What country is said to become on the first target for Skynet?
What is the young boy's friends name at the beginning of the film?
What kind of CPU does the 'good' Terminator have?
What substance kills both Terminators?

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