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1In which 1960's TV show did Patrick McGoohan star as 'Number Six'
2In Doctor Who, what does the acronym 'T.A.R.D.I.S.' stand for?
3In The Simpsons what are the names of Marge Simpson's chain smoking twin sisters?
4In Fawlty Towers which actor played the character 'Polly Sherman'?
5'Blackadder Goes Forth' was set during World War One, but on which battle front was it located?
6What was the name of the TV series starring, amongst others, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, and Michael Palin?
7Who was the first presenter of the children's series 'Animal Magic'?
8What was the name of the first name of the first Blue Peter dog?
9In the series 'Porridge' what was Ronnie Barker's full character name?
10In the 1980's comedy 'The Young Ones' who played The Greedy Landlord, Jerzy Balowski?
11In 'One Foot in the Grave' what was Victor Meldrew's wife's name?
12In the original series of 'Minder' which actors played Arthur Daley and Terry McCann?
13Who was Dick Grayson's alter ego?
14What was the name of the base in 'Space 1999'?
15How many humans feature aboard 'Red Dwarf'?
16Which actress played Mrs. Bouquet in 'Keeping Up Appearances'?
17What was the name of Ludicrous Sextus's servant in 'Up Pompeii'?
18In 'The League of Gentlemen' what occupation did the character Hilary Briss have?
19Bodie and Doyle worked for which department in the series 'The Professionals'?
20The title of the 1970's TV series 'The Sweeney' was shortened rhyming slang for what?

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