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Can you name the WH1 JMHS North American Societies?

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This factor linked the people of North America
This is a natural object that is used to identify a particular group of Native Americans
Tracing your ancestors through the female ancestors is called this
These people had the most advanced writing system in ancient America
The 800 symbols in the Mayan language were called this
This group developed the calender, mathematics, and astronomy
What group believed in many gods that lived in Mexico?
The belief in many gods is called what?
These were poor nomadic people from northern Mexico
This is a bark paper book used by the Mayans
This group created a calender that consisted a calender of 13 months each with 20 days
The Aztecs made a calender on stone called what?
This group were located in South America
The Incas created an accounting device known as this
The Incas were known for this that was 14,000 miles long
This group sacrificed people for the sun god
This group believed in the afterlife and created mummies
The Aztecs created this with 2 other city states to form this
These people created pyramids as a religious structure and as a tomb
These people calculated the length of a day very close to the current time

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