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The people who originally lived in the Savanna
Sometimes called 'natures greenhouse'
This insect found in the rain forest prevented the raising of cattle
This area is densely populated with farmers and herders
These are the people who kept cattle, goats, and sheep
The storytellers who passed history using stories
The belief that spirits are present in animals and plants
Artifact that is from a waste product of iron smelting
The first west African people that were known to smelt iron
This is one group of African languages that includes 900 individual languages
This is the kingdom located south of Kush
This is the waterways that the Aksum traders used
These are the 2 types of factors that make people migrate
Aksum was one of the only ancient African kingdom do develop this
The type of farming used to grow crops on steep slopes
This invader caused the fall of the Aksum kingdom
This ruler made christianity Aksum's official religion
This is the current day location of Aksum
This is Aksum's chief seaport
This word means that Aksum believed in 1 god

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