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Forced Order
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Who wants to try something 'a little more black.' (Hint: there are two answers!)Meium
Who does Sue send as her spies? (Name one)Easy
What does Figgins have Sue and Will do before he allows them to leave his office?Hard
Who goes with Quinn to see the sonogram? Easy
What gender will the baby be?Easy
Which teacher drove Quinn and the answer to #4?Medium
What is the name of Sue's 'elite Glee Club'?Easy
Give one of the nicknames Sue gave to the Glee members.Medium
Kendra swears that the vaccations at the hospital made her kids...medium
What does Rachel give to Jacob Ben Israel to stop him from leaking a story about Quinn's pregnancy?Easy
What does Sue say she is 1/16 of? Medium
Where does Sue say she will move to feel like a minority?Medium
Who sings 'Hate on Me'Easy
Who flunked almost all of the Cheerios?Easy
Instead of spelling 'Go Team', the Cheerios spell what?Medium
How many hits did Mr. Figgin's video get on Youtube?Hard
What does Finn think would be a good name for his baby?Medium
Who tries to cheat off of Quinn's Spanish test?Hard
Quinn says Finn is not allowed to cheat with which girl?Medium
Name one of the two Glee members who sing 'No Air'Medium
What nationally does Brittany say she is in order to join Sue's Kids?Hard
How many O.B.'s are in Lima, Ohio?Medium
What is the occupation of Mercedes' dad?Medium
What proof of the pregnancy does Will want to show his parents?Hard
What gender is Terri's 'baby'?Easy
What does Will do when he sees the sonogram?Easy
Who tells Sue that Quinn is pregnant?Medium
Which Glee Club member cries during the song 'Keep Holding On'?Medium

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