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Forced Order
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Hint AnswerDifficulty
What does Emma wipe off of Will's dimple?Easy
How many other teams are the New Directions competing against in order to get to Regionals?Easy
Which member of the New Directions appears to be exhausted? Easy
What day do the guys perform their mash-up?Hard
What day do the girls perform their mash-up?Hard
Who says 'We're planning on smacking them down like the hand of God.'Medium
What is the name of Sue's journal?Easy
Who saw Emma wipe Will's chin dimple?Easy
Who goes to Terri and tells her that she should worry about her husband's fidelity? Easy
Finish this line. 'Me. I never wanted kids. Didn't have the time, didn't have the _____.'Easy
How did the nurse get put into a coma?Hard
What job does Terri apply for in order to work at McKinley High?Easy
Who does Will ask to be the 'Celebrity Judge' for the mash-up competition?Medium
What does Finn give up because he's stretched too thin?Medium
Whose idea was it to do the mash-up of 'Halo/Walking on Sunshine'?Medium
Where does Finn go to rest?Easy
Who says 'Flirting is cheating'?Medium
Hint AnswerDifficulty
What Vitamin does Finn say the nurse gave him?Medium
Which girl was not present when the boys performed their mash-up?Hard
Who draws pornographic pictures of Rachel on the bathroom walls?Medium
Who does Terri send to get more vitamins? Hard
How many boxes of vitamins does she ask for? (Hint: Two digits)Hard
Who says 'I'm not built to work five days a week.'Medium
What does Terri tell Ken to buy Emma?Medium
Who tells the girls about the special vitamins the boys took?Medium
What time does Rachel wake up every single day?Hard
Everyone gets vitamins except for....Medium
Who is the only faculty member who is allowed to work the paper shredder?Hard
What color do the girls wear during their performance of their mash-up?Medium
Who confronts Emma in her office?Medium
Who does Quinn decide to give her baby to?Easy
Who got arrested because of Terri?Hard
Who does Mr. Figgins bring in to co-direct the Glee Club?Easy

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