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Can you name the Glee Trivia Season 1 Episode 5?

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Who takes over Rachel's part in 'Don't Stop Believin' ?Medium
What article of clothing of Rachel's does Jacob Ben Israel ask to see? Medium
Who does Emma encourage to talk Rachel into coming back to Glee Club? Medium
Who offers to run lines with Rachel?Medium
Who does Will look up from his own high school class?Easy
What does she ask him to bring her when he goes to visit her?Hard
What is she addicted to?Easy
Who will be the newest member of the Glee Club now that Rachel is gone?Easy
Which two people sing 'Maybe This Time'? Medium
Which Glee Club member does April encourage to drink?Easy
Name one of the two Glee Club members that April teaches to steal. Easy
What does Finn suggest Rachel do in order to relieve her tension?Hard
Who throws up on Emma's shoes?Medium
Who causes Rachel to cry in the bathroom?Medium
What is Rachel's favorite color?Hard
Who did Will want to sing with when he was in high school?Hard
What night is karaoke night at the bowling alley?Hard
Who tells the Glee Club that Quinn is pregnant?Medium
Who is the last of the Glee Club members to find out that Quinn is pregnant?Medium
Which of the members of the New Directions sings Carrie Underwood's 'Last Name'?Easy
Who is not allowed to perform in Act II of the Glee Club concert?Easy
Who returns to the Glee Club?Easy
What Queen song do the New Directions perform?Easy

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