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Forced Order
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Name the song that Kurt dances to in the beginning of the episode. Easy
Name one of the two girls dancing with him.Easy
Who walks in as they are all dancing? Easy
What sport does Kurt tell his father he is now playing? Easy
What position does he say he plays? Medium
Which of the two girls does Kurt say is his girlfriend? Medium
What is the name of Terri's sister? Medium
What part of Terri's body does she not want her husband to touch? Easy
What is Terri's brother-in-law's name? Hard
Who does Emma say that she saw on the news last night? Easy
What is the name of this new news segment?Easy
Finish this catchphrase 'And that's how Sue _____ ___.'Easy
Who does Mr. Schuester give the main part of Maria to when the glee club sings 'Tonight'? Medium
What song does Kurt play to help him kick the ball?Easy
What BIG news does Quinn tell Finn?Easy
Where does this happen?Hard
What does Sandy collect?Hard
Who gets the new job of Arts Administrator?Hard
What does Sue use to blackmail Figgins?Medium
Which Glee Club member sings 'Taking Chances' ?Medium
Who does Tina think Mr. Schuester should give the solo too instead?Medium
Who does Finn go to to talk about the BIG news referred to in question #15?Medium
What kind of scholarship does Finn need to get into college?Hard
What kind of lessons are the football team going to take in order to win their next football game?Medium
Who is the only football player not participating in the special football lesson that Will leads?Hard
Who is the real father of Quinn's baby?Easy
What was Quinn drunk on when she and Puck had sex?Hard
Who is waiting inside Quinn's car?Medium
What big news does Kurt tell his dad?Easy
What item from his childhood does Finn give to Quinn?Hard
Name one of the three football players who join the glee club. Easy

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